Sunday, September 20, 2009

Can somebody say Mulligan!?!?

Some days we should just be allowed a mulligan and for me today should be one of those days. Ally, who has been very defiant towards me lately had a terrible temper tantrum about some candy before church. Despite my best efforts at trying to ignore her she just kept escalating. Lets just say daddy had to intervene and it wasn't a good time. At church we seemed to have a turn of events as my primary class was great and even better news Ansley participated in nursery, ate the snack and didn't ask for me one time the entire two hours. (Whoo Hoo I think school is paying off!) After church we came home, had some lunch and I had to follow through with sending Ally up to her room for the afternoon. It was hard but I did it then I headed off to do some visiting teaching. Here the day takes another unfortunate turn, as again not even 2 miles from the house, I had my second car accident in 36 hours. Again my fault, and again the same police officer. When I got back to the house Ally took one look at the car and said, "Ya know mommy, one time is like a accident, two times is something else." That's exactly what the police man said Ally. So today I say, "Mulligan!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009

Well it was inevitable. Jerry has been talking about it for months. How I have been completely accident free for almost 2 full years. He jinxed it. Today I had another. Thankfully it was pretty minor because the girls were in the car with me. I usually try to look for the good in every situation. And I found it. In handing over my insurance information the police officer I realized I was 3 days delinquent on our insurance payment. So right there at the scene I called and paid my premium. They said it wouldn't be a problem however they have no idea I have had an accident. Now we will cross our fingers and toes and pray that they cover it and don't drop our coverage.

On a more positive note, Allyson achieved green of the behavior stick for the week and was able to pick a prize out of the teachers prize box. Great Job Ally!

Her teacher started a new behavior policy in their classroom. Each week the students start out on purple and then move up or down depending on behavior in class. At the end of the week if they are on Green, the highest level, they get a card and a prize. Today was the end of the first week and Ally got GREEN! She was so proud of her card and her prize.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17, 2009

Today Ansley had her second day of pre-school. We had talked after Tuesday about being shy and her fear of choking when Jerry or I aren't around. We assured her that if she were to choke the teacher would help her and encouraged her to try taking smaller bites. I am happy to report that things went extremely well. Ansley spoke several times in class and even ate the snack. She was proud of herself and so were Jerry and I. I think it's going to be a great school year for both of our girls.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Today was Ansley's first day of Preschool. She has been pretty excited to go and did well at the drop off. She was easily distracted by her teacher Mrs. Moss and Jerry and I snuck off. We snuck off for lunch. With two kids at school we just couldn't resist. When we picked her up she was happy and smiling. We did find out though that she only spoke a couple of times and would not eat the snack. (This has been an ongoing problem since choking in nursery several weeks back.) She won't eat without Jerry or I close by. Overall I was pleased with the first day. She was very talkative when we picked her up. She couldn't wait to tell us about her day and show us her project. She even got to go outside and play in the sandbox. Hooray for mommy! Two happy school kids!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Girls

So this past week at church Ally was responsible for reciting the 9th article of faith in Primary. Normally we have a few weeks to prepare but this time we only had a week to learn it. As always Ally was determined to do as much of it without help as possible so we have practiced like crazy. I am proud to say that on Sunday she recited it with very little help at all. So today as we were driving back home from BJ's Ansley starts reciting it. Jerry and I were amazed and we praised her for doing such a good job, to which she replied, "You're doing a good job too mommy!" I love my girls!

1st Day of Kindergarten

Today was Allyson's first day of kindergarten. It is incredibly hard for me to believe but it's true and Jerry and I were extremely excited for her. She was a bit nervous so we have been talking it up for months. This morning was a bit of a struggle as Ally, only 5 years old, wants to wear whatever she wants no matter how ridiculous. For example winter clothes in the summer, clothing that is too small and my all time favorite layering all her favorite pieces to make one outfit. While this is fine for a trip to the grocery store I was in no way going to allow her to go to her first day of school looking ridiculous and had warned her of this weeks in advance. It didn't help at all though. Getting dressed was extremely tiring and there was an awful lot of crying. We made it to the bus though which was running quite late. We thought at one point we had missed it. But it arrived. Ally's principal Mrs DeLoreto was on the bus and got off to meet us and to help Ally get to her classroom. I was impressed :) Quite a nice touch. Ally got right on the bus and headed off without a tear. For those of you wondering I was tearless too! School is fun and I am happy for her. She is ready and so I am I. She came home very happy and excited about her new school and teacher. She even got a reward for helping to stack the classroom chairs. She loves to help. The bus was over 45 minutes late getting home and I don't know who was more impatient, Daddy or Ansley. There is a very nice crossing guard at our stop though and daddy did enjoy chatting with her. As for tomorrow I think we'll bring chairs!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

9th Article of Faith

Ally was asked last week to be prepared to present the 9Th Article of Faith during opening exercises of Primary today. To learn it we used the children's songbook CD and sung it. Once she could sing it well we worked on just reciting it. It worked like a charm. Even Ansley has been reciting it. Allyson got right up there and recalled it with almost no help at all. I love how our church prepares the children from even the youngest ages to participate in all areas of church including speaking. Every time Allyson gets in front of the Primary she is more confident in herself. Thank you to the Primary for helping to instill some of her amazing confidence.

Friday, September 4, 2009

No camping for the Rice's

So I guess we just aren't supposed to camp. I booked our Labor day weekend site after we had to cancel our Memorial day weekend due to Ansley. Now between the new job, grandpa being in the hospital and 3 sick people in my house camping was once again not an option. I am beginning to think it's just no meant to be. With everyone being under the weather I thought it would be a good day to play school. Ally has been working really hard getting ready for kindergarten. She knows all of her uppercase letters and all but a couple of the lowercase letters. Lately we have been working on letter sounds. Today out of no where she starting sounding out words. I was so proud of her and she was so proud of herself. I love to see her beam with pride when she has worked hard and done a good job at something. She even wrote her first and last name appropriately using uppercase and lowercase in the proper place. Great Job Ally! While Ally and I were playing school Ansley was making a puzzle. Out of no where she just started sneezing over and over again. When she was finally finished she said. "Mommy,you know why you have to keep blessing me? I sick." Yes Ansley you are!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So this morning during breakfast I asked the girls what we should bring up to Great Poppy at the hospital. Without hesitation Ansley replied, "A band aid, He is sick and has boo boos." I guess in the eyes of a toddler band aids really do fix everything so today she brought him two scooby doo band aids.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Blessed

So I know I have said this before but lately my husband ROCKS! I have been gone 12 out of the last 16 days and Jerry has been amazing! The house is picked up, dinner is usually waiting for me and twice last week (back to back mornings) he had to bath Ansley and change the sheets on the bunkbeds due to bedwetting accidents. He apparently goes about changing the sheets on the top bunk alittle differently than I do. He takes the whole mattress down. Obviously not an option for me as I am usually changing the beds myself. But the girls loved it and Ally has now said that daddy is the "bed master" Sounds good to me. I think Daddy has found himself a new chore. :)