Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sledding at Fox Hill

The snow melted really fast but the girls really wanted to go sledding so we headed over.  Despite the lack of snow on the top of the hill they had some really great runs.  Ansley's first pass was incredible.  She went all the way down to the street and just giggled the entire way down. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trying to be like Jesus

So lately the girls have been less than amicable.  Really all they have done is fight.  So last night I decided to tailor family home evening to this problem and we had a lesson on being Christlike.  We discussed the attributes of Christ and how he went about dealing with people throughout his life, even the ones who treated him poorly.  We talked about ways in which we could all be more like Jesus, especially within our family by treating each other with respect and love and patience.   The girls seemed to enjoy the lesson and even gave examples of how they could try to be more like Christ.  We finished the evening with games and some books. 

Fast forward to Tuesday morning.   The girls made it downstairs before I did and managed in 15 minutes to destroy the living room I had spent several hours cleaning.  So I admit it.  I got a little upset.  I raised my voice and told them I wasn't a maid and to clean it UP!  To which Ansley replied, "Mommy, you are not trying to be like Jesus!"  I wanted to cry but all I could do was laugh.