Sunday, January 31, 2010

My beautiful girls

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Ally and Ansley before church

Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29, 2010

Tonight we had planned to go out to dinner to celebrate Jerry's birthday but he and Brenna got back from class late. So instead we did the pizza deal at Big Y and made some brownies at home. The girls we thrilled to give Jerry his gifts. Jerry and I always make a big deal out of their birthdays so they get upset when we don't do the same for our own. So to satisfy the girls we had a little birthday celebration.


Ansley has been dressing herself lately which has been wonderful for me. Some days she looks great and some days she looks like a complete mess. She always comes running down for her room to ask if she looks cute. Today she did an especially good job and I just had to document it with a picture. Good job Ansley! You look super cute!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Play time in the snow

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Today all after school activities were cancelled because of the snow so we enjoyed some time outside. It was the first time Ansley rode in the sled and actually enjoyed it. Both girls had a blast!!

My little daisy

A proud little Daisy Scout! Ally sold over 60 boxes of cookies.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today I scored my best deal yet at BJs. 2 all laundry detergents, 1 snuggle softner, 3 pack of axe deodarent, 3 pack of vasoline intensive care lotion, 12 pack dove soap, 4 pack kids shampoo, 3 5 packs of noodle soup, 6 pack of liptons onion soup mix and a huge tub of country crock. Total was 101.50. 26.50 in coupons and a 40 dollar rebate. 35 Bucks!! My best at BJs yet. The cashier was not happy but I was thrilled!

I love my Girls!

I admit it, they drive me crazy but they really are good girls and they love each other. Yesterday while Ally was still in the tub and cold, Ansley said from her warm towel, I wish you were done and in your warm towel too, because I love you. It was so sweet and very sincere. She loves her big sister so much.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

American Idol

For the last few weeks we have let the girls stay up to watch some of American Idol. They make me laugh more than the horrendous singers. They will look at each other to see what the other thinks of the performance. "What do you think Ally, I say No" They are so serious about it. Ally's biggest question is when can she go to Hollywood? Yikes! For now I am going to enjoy watching them sing and dance from my comfy living room.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Croc

Over the summer Ansley lost one her favorite red crocs in Lake Lanier. We searched and searched but it was gone. Her Auntie bought her a new pair but she has had issues with throwing the lone one away. The other day I finally convinced her to throw it out if I would take a picture of it. So I did and she threw it away. I watched her throw it away. However today as I was cleaning up, I noticed something red hiding behind the couch. It was the CROC!! So today while she was at school I buried it in the garbage. Good-bye CROC.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food Bank

Today the girls and I took a load of food and toiletries to the food pantry. The girls were proud to help. It was heart wrenching to see so many people lined up for food. As we left there I felt blessed for a good job and food to eat.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Bird Feeder

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Last week Ansley made a bird feeder at school. Today we went out and put it out on the tree out back. She was so proud. I just hope the squirrels don't run off with the whole darn thing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22, 2009

Ansley is a creative little booger. She loves to make things and then have me take a picture of it. Here is her latest creation.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good-bye Bed Rails

So today we said good-bye to the bed rail for the third and final time. I have taken if off twice before but each night she cried for it and in the middle of the night I caved. She is afraid of falling out of the bed. So today I took it off the bed and took it straight to savers. No more caving. Good-bye baby bed rail. Ansley is a big girl now.

Small Blessings

Thank God for small blessings. Ally only threw up for about 13 hours. She was still pretty puny for the rest of the day but the vomitting was short lived. We snuggled up on the couch and watch videos all day and so far no one else has gotton sick.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tooth fairy

Our tooth fairy needs to retire. She never ever shows up. It happens almost routinely that we have to wait several days for her to come. With the last tooth, after 3 fairy less nights, Ally suggested we pray for her to come. It was a great recommendation and it worked. Thankfully Ally is extremely patient and understanding. She was disappointed the first couple of times but know she almost expects it. This time it only took 2 nights and Ally was so sick the morning she had come that she didn't even remember to look under her pillow. I got home last night around midnight just in time for Ally to wake up and begin vomiting. Needless to say it was a very long night. Not a fun way to spend a day off from school. I was so proud of her though. She made it to the bathroom every time. Even from the top bunk. She is an expert vomiter. She always has been. Ansley, on the other hand, is a whole different story. For now we'll just pray she doesn't get it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What's that smell?

Ansley is getting so big all of a sudden. Her baby features are gone and she looks and acts so grown up. She is so serious sometimes, especially about her coloring. She colors about as well as Ally does. She hardly ever colors outside of the lines and if she does she gets upset and wants a new page. (We are working on this) She is finally starting to open up at school too. Her teacher says she has been participating even when they sing (something she has never been interested in). I think Christmas helped. She really enjoyed singing Christmas songs this year. She can be so funny sometimes too. Today she was pulling up her pants after peeing and asked me "What is that smell? Is that me mommy?" She smelled less than fresh. It was bath day for sure. It was just so funny to see her face as she realized it was her rear end that smelled bad. I laughed so hard I cried.

Ally amazes me more and more everyday too. This morning one of her baby teeth was hanging by a thread so she pulled it out. No crying, no fussing, she just yanked it right out. I was grateful because I am totally grossed out by teeth, especially loose one and cannot help in that area. Great job Ally. Now if that tooth fairy will remember to come we'll be in business.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today the Ally's daisy troop had their first pinning ceremony. I was called off of my shift so I was able to go. They got their garden patch and their watering can patch. The watering can is their first award and represents the girls being responsible for what they say and do. They also got their pins. It was very cute and the girls were all very proud. We also got our cookie order forms. So let the selling begin!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas in January

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Being that we head home for Christmas in Honda Civic Hybrid we have to leave some things behind. So today as Jerry and I were getting ready to take the tree down we went into the closet to get the boxes and realized that we never gave the girls the gifts we bought them for Christmas. It was a pleasant surprise for them. So today the girls had Christmas on Daddy's birthday.

Happy Birthday Honey

Happy Birthday to my Hubby! You are amazing honey. I can't believe we are already three years into your PhD. The end is in sight and it's so exciting. You are incredibly smart. I could never do it and I am so proud of you. The girls and I love you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bye Uncle Andy

This morning Jerry took Andy back to Boston so he could head back to Georgia. The week went by way too fast. We had a great time. Come back soon Andy!

Manoma na

So over Christmas Ansley fell in love with this singing monster my mom had at her house. As a special gift just before we left Georgia she gave it to her. Ansley absolutely LOVES this monster. He only made a short portion of the drive inside of the car due to the fact that she plays it constantly. I think Ally despises the monster more than Jerry and I do. She practically cries every time she plays it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Jan 10, 2010

Today was a great day! First we had Brenna's confirmation and testimony at church which were both amazing. It has been such a renewal of our own faith and testimony to go through the process of baptism and confirmation with her. Ally is starting her CTR 6 class and Ansley had her first day in Primary as a sunbeam. Not only was it her first day in Primary, she also gave the opening prayer. Being that she is so shy I wasn't expecting much but she marched right up to the microphone and quietly said, "Heavenly Father thank you for this day. Thank you for the Primary. Thank you for the teachers. In Jesus' name. Amen." It was super cute and I was so proud of her. It was also ward conference so we were able to meet with the stake leaders which is always nice. Jerry and I both got to renew our temple recommends. This too is always great to me. Knowing I am worthy to go into the temple and enjoy its blessings is an amazing feeling. Andy came to church with us and said he enjoyed it. He meet with some of the stake leaders after church and even stayed for the linger longer without us. He said he had a good time. After church we came home and snacked and napped. At five o'clock we had a huge dinner. Jerry and are calling it the last big supper because after Andy leaves tomorrow morning it's the big diet for us. Brenna came over and also my friend Lucinda and her husband who I swear I see just as little as when I lived 1000 miles away! We definitely need to work on that! We feasted on ham, sweet potatoes souffle, green been casserole, mac and cheese and rolls. The kids played, well Ansley and Julian played. Ally tried to stay with the adults as she usually unsuccessfully does. I can't seem to make her understand that being a kid is more fun and she should enjoy it while she can! Julian and Ansley had a great time though. They ended the night with Ansley giving Julian a kiss on the cheek which was adorable. She was quite embarrassed though. Julian loved the Thomas Train around our Christmas tree. It was so cute to see how excited he would get each time the train would come around the track. And yes the tree is still up. I haven't had any free time since getting home but it is definitely on the agenda for this week. I love Sundays but this one really was especially nice! Too bad the next day is Monday and that means WORK!

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brenna's Baptism

Although an extremely busy day for me it ended beautifully. I left work at 5:30pm ran into the house with just enough time to rip the only pair of pantyhose I had left in the house, put on my dress and run back out the door. So far no time to be nervous about the talk I was giving because I was just too crazy. It definitely set it once we were there though. There were so many people there that we moved the talk part into the chapel which only made me even more nervous. Both of Brenna's parents, her father's parents and her fathers sister came the baptism to support her, which was really nice. I think everything went pretty well. I promised Brenna I wouldn't cry but by line three I was crying. So much for that. Jerry had the privilege of baptizing her which was great. I think he was a little nervous too. He did great though. While they changed we watched the Restoration. Brenna was out almost before the movie started, while I had to go out looking for Jerry because the movie was going to end soon. It's not a long video but still, he takes forever to get changed. After the video Elder Bruckner gave the talk on confirmation. After the talks, Bishop Taukus welcomed her into the ward. I don't think it could have gone any better. After we went out to dinner with Brenna, her family, Melanie and Matt. We had a great time. Such a good time that it was 11 o'clock and we were still out with the girls. They were so well behaved I had no idea it was so late. Congratulations Brenna! We love you!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Disney on Ice

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Tonight was Girl Scout Night at Disney on Ice at the XL center. I had bought four tickets several months ago but with Andy here Jerry wouldn't be going, so Ally chose to bring her friend Mary. The girls had a great time. I did too! The show was great. The only downfall was the time. With the show starting at 7 pm my girls were asking how much longer by 8:15. They loved seeing all the Disney princesses though and the skaters were really talented.

milk challenge

So having Jerry and Andy together again means hair brained ideas and today they came up with one heck of one. Jerry decided to challenge Andy to the 1 hour milk challenge. The challenge is to drink 1 gallon of whole milk in 1 hour without throwing it up. There are hundreds of U tube videos showing failure and none showing sucess. Yet Andy, in his somewhat altered state, believed he could do it. As always I tried to be the voice of reason to no avail. So with one final warning I wished him goodluck. My prediction was that Andy's punishment for this foolishness would be that he would throw up and Jerry's punishment would be that he would have to clean it up. Sounded fair to me. Fortunately for them, Andy was successful. He was green by the end, but totally successful.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I had to head back to work the evening shift tonight so Jerry and Andy took Allyson to Karate. Tonight was her test to acquire her first red stripe. The guys helped her with her blocks and combination 6A. She did great and was so proud of her white belt with the red stripe.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Uncle Andy's Here

Today Andy arrived in Ct. He and Jerry hung out in Boston earlier in the day but were back in time to get Allyson off of the bus. The girls were thrilled to see him. We miss Andy and are looking forward to having him here for the week.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Jerry was a champ and got us home without stopping to sleep. We pulled in at 5:30 am, just in time for the snow to start. It was still dark so we rushed the girls to bed and went to sleep ourselves. The girls woke up at 10 am and we lounged around the house all day. It finally stopped snowing around 4 pm and we unloaded the car. We have a lot to unpack before Andy arrives tomorrow. After dinner the Buckley's stopped by with our key and dessert. The girls were thrilled to spend time with Sierra and we were so grateful not to have to get back into the car. Thank you Buckley family. We love you guys!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

It seems like 2009 was the fastest year yet. I can't believe we are starting 2010 already. Time has flown since coming moving back to CT. It definitely goes by quicker each year. As always I have a million things I want to improve in my life. Always way too lofty of a goal but here goes.

1. Use what little time I have more effectively
2. Spend more time with my family
3. Read my scripture everyday
4. Get to the temple more
5. Be in the moment more
6. Blog more often
7. And of course, lose some weight

Happy New Year to all of our family and friends. We love you. May God bless you with a GREAT 2010!!