Monday, April 23, 2012

My smartphone

So I am loving my new technology.  This morning the kiddos had a 2 hour delay and I was able to lay in bed and read my scriptures and ensign on my phone.  I can even highlight!!  I love that scripture references are just a finger tap away too!!  Technology is amazing.  I am hoping it will help me to keep my resolution to do a better job at daily scripture study.  So far so good!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

9 months

Avery is 9 months old today.  She is still a super baby and has even been amazing through this trip and multiple time changes.  She sleeps like a champ and is finally eating like one.  Well real food that is.  She is not a fan of baby food and despite never having taught her the first baby sign, she signs all done whenever I try to give it to her.  She loved Easter and all of the amazing food it brought, especially mom's steamed artichokes.  She ate her weight in them.  I love how big she opens her mouth when we are feeding her something she likes.  And how she yells when we don't shovel it in fast enough.  Pizza, eggs, green beans, potatoes and cheerios have all been added to the list just this week.  She is pulling up on everything and even cruising a little if she wants something out of reach badly enough.  She has thankfully learned to sit as well because, well, that game in the crib at night was getting a bit old.  She loves to be outside and is fascinated with her sisters.  She is not a big fan of the formula now that I am home full time and will rarely take it.  She is quickly turning into a mommy's girl as well, much to daddy's hurt and heartache.  She still has no teeth but the top two look awfully close.  She is super smart and making a ton of new sounds.  Still not saying mama.  Just dadda and nanna and what sort of sounds like huuh?  She is just a beautiful addition to our family both inside and out.  She is our HAPPY BABY!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Today I am grateful.  I am grateful for many things.  For my amazing husband and beautiful children, for my family who I love tremendously and was able to spend Easter with, for the opportunities that lie ahead, for amazing friendships, for a few days of work to help pay the bills, and for those few days to be over ;).  But most of all I am grateful for the atoning sacrifice of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and for the knowledge that because of His amazing sacrifice I will never in my life endure anything that he cannot comprehend and that because of that I will never be alone. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So yesterday was a trying day.  We met with the loan officer and found out that because we have to push our closing back again we will definitely lose our 3.85 interest rate.  A definite bummer as it will add almost 60 dollars a month to our monthly mortgage.  And with no definite end in site, we can in no way even lock in at today's rate.  So I guess it will mean another month in an outrageously expensive corporate housing and no paycheck.  I am trying to have faith in all that is happening.  But as of yesterday all I could see was debt piling up and no way to combat it.  I have always been the only one with the ability to fend off financial problems because I have a job that allows for it.  I would just pick up a shift.  In this instance I feel like I am hog tied and smothering and I am just trying to be patient without losing my mind.  So today as I sat in the ridiculously expensive corporate housing waiting to go and see my new home, angry that the Realtor has pushed the time back an hour cutting into my already tight scheduled trip to Atlanta, I found  myself trying to breathe and to remember that I am exactly where the Lord wants me to be.  I made one last trip to the mailbox to see if the package I desperately needed by today had arrived, it had not..... and I got into the car.  It was on the way out that I got one of many slap in the face confirmations I have had to receive in my life from the Lord.  (He knows me and this is the kind of revelation I do best with.)  As I was pulling out of the complex I noticed a UPS truck in front of another building.  I passed it not giving it a second thought and than it occurred to me that my package was being shipped UPS.  I quickly turned around and parked beside the truck waiting for the driver.  When he came out I asked him if he might possibly have a package for apt 1217.  He did and that is when my attitude changed.  Not because of the package per say but because once again the Lord had reminded me that he knows me personally and that he has a hand in EVERYTHING, including me receiving my package before my week long trip to Atlanta.  If my Realtor hadn't been running late I would have never had the opportunity to see the truck and receive my shipment.  So if things aren't happening exactly as we had hoped or expected I am OK with that.  Because I know that someone much greater than I knows exactly what is best for me.  He loves me and as long as I am in tune to his whisperings (that is if I can keep my grumbling down) he will bless me.  And I am so very grateful for that gift.