Saturday, February 18, 2012


So I have fallen off the blogging wagon so to say and have been meaning to get back on for some time so here goes.

Today, despite not feeling well I had the best intentions of getting my children outside.  It was beautiful and sunny.  50's but nice.  So after putting Avery down for a nap we took out the bikes and headed out to Henry Park for some quality outdoor mommy, daughter time. Helmets and all.  Yes, Jerry was at home supervising the babe and grading and I for a moment felt like a good mom.  My bubble was quickly popped when  we weren't even out of sight of the front door and the whining ensued.  Thinking it was just because they hadn't been out on their bikes in a while we continued.  This was the mistake.  If one wasn't crying or whining the other started.  I went back and forth trying to encourage them to keep trying, keep riding, the park is close.  We finally get there, my nerves are shot but I look gleefully on at the play scape that I am sure will grant me just a couple of minutes of peace with my magazine.  NOPE!  First run down that great big yellow slide and Ansley has dislodged a chunk of ice revealing the cold wet water below.  She is soaked and wailing.  I given her 2 options.  We can leave now or she can play wet.  She wants to stay.  Ahhh, I crack my magazine.  I hear crying.  Now Ansley is crying because she is not  swinging as high as Ally is on the swings.  Mind you she is swinging far higher than I could ever push her so I am at a loss for what she would like me to do.  Yet the wailing continues until despite all my effort to contain myself, I lose it and we pack it up for home.  I think we made it a whole 4 minutes, but who is counting.  This has no positive effect on the whining.  We are 2 minutes into the ride home and I decide that the bikes don't need to move with us to Alabama because the girls will never be allowed to ride them again!  Chanting I love my kids, I love my kids, over and over in my head we somehow make it home alive.  Ansley changes clothes and I find that a moment of peace where I decide (really it took some convincing in the moment) that I do LOVE my kids.

So here it goes!

To my girls, I Love You!
I love you when you smile, especially at me.
I love you when you love and help each other.
I love the way you love your baby sister and the way she loves you too!
I love the way you love to help.
I love you when you are so quiet I have to look for you.
I love you when you listen, especially the first time.
I love you when you use your words.
I love to see you grow and learn.
I love you when you laugh.
I love the little love notes and pictures you make for me.
I love you when you wake, even at 6 am.
I love you when you fight.
I love you when you tell me my dinner is "disgusting"
I love you when you call me "mean"
I love you when I yell.
I love you even when you think I don't love you.
And most of all, I love you even when our day doesn't go as planned.
Because these are the real moments.
The moments I am reminded everyday are passing so very quickly.
So I love you.  Even when you aren't perfect.
I love you because you love me and I'm not perfect either.